Our goal at Equipment, Inc. is 100% Customer Satisfaction.

Delivering this level of satisfaction requires that we clearly communicate our service programs to you.

In addition to the best factory warranty in the industry, Equipment, Inc. promises to do the following:

machine at no charge.* the service includes a complete inspection, with checklist, of your machine.

for any required field service.*

As the owner of a new piece of equipment, Equipment Inc., will provide you a low-cost, hassle-free Planned Maintenance Program as part of our service to you.  The program can be tailored to your usage cycles and may be cancelled upon your request.

The program is simple, but very effective for

Upon the first 50-hour or 90-day (whichever comes first) inspection and service, you will have an opportunity to see and talk with our Certified Service technician that works on your equipment and the steps that are involved

 At the completion of this first service, you will then qualify for a special, reduced-rate first 250-hour or 90-dys after first service (whichever comes first) recommended service.  You can bring your machine to our shop or we will come to your location.  The rate will be a flat $115.00 for labor and you will be charged for the certified parts and fluids required to perform the service.*  During the service we also inspect for and perform warrantable repairs at no additional charge.*

Upon completion of this second service, you can continue the Equipment, Inc. Planned Maintenance Program, on your equipment.  Since effective service is dependent on application, hours of use and time since last service, the Planned Maintenance will be customized to your application/requirements with minimum intervals of every 250-hour or ever 90-day (whichever comes first).

Charges for each service period will vary depending on the specific service being performed.  For example: the recommended service for a machine with 1,000 hours of use may include draining, flushing, refilling the radiator, changing all fluid/filters, adjustments and calibrations, but the recommended service for a specific 90-day time period may only require basic engine oil, filter and lubrication.  Regardless of the service interval, the formula will be a labor charge + certified parts and fluids required to perform Planned Maintenance.* As always, we will inspect for and perform warrantable items. Repairs not covered by warranty or Planned Maintenance (e.g. operator abuse, ground engaging items) will be performed upon approval by you.


We look forward to your success when using

Equipment  Inc. Planned Maintenance Program

Low-cost, Hassle-Free Certified Service

Using Manufacturers quality replacement Parts

*For travel of more than 50-miles, a Travel/Mileage charge may also apply

*Sales to National Accounts, Federal/Stale/Local Governments, Independent rental companies are not eligible.

**Pickup and delivery charges will apply.  Loaner may not be same model & features

***emergency order air freight charges apply.